5SOS are so talented, they do not only sing great, they all also play instruments! My personal highlight of the concert was to hear Jet Black Heart live because that's my favorite song by 5sos. For a 1pm set on the final day of Bestvial, the electro/pop three piece who formed in 2010 drew a sizable growing crowd to the Big Top for their impressive set. And believe me, going to one of their concerts

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is such a great experience with so much fun and a lot of emotions. But even more amazing than I thought. Luke was right in front of me and looked at me while singing this part! I thought it would be just amazing and personal. If you think about experiencing soundcheck, you imagine a lot of stuff and so did I! While the rest of my friends stayed back at the camp nursing hangovers, I braved it alone, heading to the set by myself, and I'm so glad I did.

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Olly who is also an actor (he appeared in the final series of Skins as Jakob and also features in new film The Riot Club) and script writer, proved to be formidable frontman - quite the man of many talents. IF YOU have THE chance TO GO TO A 5SOS soundcheck, DO IT! So to speak, as possible. I'm so happy that I recorded this so everytime I'm sad, I'm just gonna watch the video! Also, it was the best day of my life. I had a standing soundcheck ticket and I went to the venue very early so that I can be close to 5SOS. Later, the tempo is slowed down during Eyes Shut, which sees Olly sit down at a piano where he is able to showcase his impressive vocal range. They close with an as yet untitled, but perfect new single, which will undoubtedly send them further up the charts upon its release.